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Critter Stories

Critter capture stories

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The Great Barred Owl Capture

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Recently I had the gratifying opportunity to rescue this beautiful Barred Owl. Evidently, there must have been a squirrel or lizard climbing on a pool screen and in the owl's attempt to catch an easy meal, it's sharp talons cut through the screen and the owl ended up inside the screened pool enclosure. The resident found the owl early in the morning and opened both screen doors and attempted to encourage the owl to fly out, however, instead the owl flew around the enclosure all day until it got so weak that it couldn't fly anymore. As nighttime approached, the resident called me (around 6pm) and when I arrived, the owl was lying on it's side and we thought that it was dead. As we approached the owl, it stood up. I quickly put a towel over it in order to pick it up safely. After taking a couple of pictures, I took the owl outside and threw it up in the air and it flew to a nearby tree.

Barred Owls lay 2-4 eggs and can live 10 years in the wild and up to 23 years in captivity. The next time that you hear an owl hooting, listen closely to see if you can hear it saying, "who cooks for you; who cooks for you all".

Diamond Back Rattlesnake Capture

No species of snakes hang out together and the only reason that there might be a small concentration of snakes in a particular area would be a food source, such as rats in a barn or corn field or fish and frogs in a pond. Black Racers like to hang out on shrubby looking for lizards. But as far as the two Diamondbacks being caught in he same block is just a coincident and nothing more.

Yes it is more likely for the residents who live next to conservation area to see snakes rather than the residents in the middle of a subdivision. All snakes

are totally on there own from the minute that they are born. And from that day on all snakes are constantly looking for food.

Snakes don't know the difference from crawling in the woods or your yard. They are just looking for the next meal. Probably the only time that there would be a concentration of snakes in an area would be immediately after the mother gives birth to ten to twenty babies or the same amount of eggs hatch. But in a few days all of the babies and mom will have gone their own ways. If it happened in your yard then you might see several snakes at one time.

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Danger follows Bob Cross it seems as he hunts for this escaped and very venomous King Cobra in Orlando. Here’s the video as seen on The news.

Search for the Missing King Cobra

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Just wanted to say thanks to all who recommended Bob Cross of Critter Capture. I'd like to pay it forward by adding to that recommendation. If one has to go through the unpleasant experience of having critters in your attic, then I can't think of a nicer person to resolve the problem. Bob is very dedicated to solving critter problems and really gives it his utmost attention. He also has very reasonable rates. Hope you don't need to call him, but if you do you can reach Bob at (407) 810-9727.”

Arielle Hart, Alaqua Lakes, Lake Mary, Florida



are totally on there own from the minute that they are born. And from that day on all snakes are constantly looking for food.